The Wonderful Company

The Problem

As a result of The Wonderful Company’s inundated success in Europe and the United States, they identified the Middle East as a great opportunity to penetrate and continue to grow the brand on a global scale. The Wonderful Company approached Amplify to assist them in entering the new market by developing a social media strategy with the aim to help boost the awareness of the brand in the region.

Our Solution

Amplify created a 12-month social media strategy for The Wonderful Company, based on target audience demographic research. We then delivered monthly content calendars for each social channel to target the MENA region. We advised using unique content for each specific platform, to avoid the blanket approach. Animation was used to great effect, capturing consumers attention and maximising engagement. We used a 3 x 3 strategy with the aim to educate, increase brand awareness and promote engagement. Amplify’s translation services were utilised to promote the social media content and engage with audiences in both English and Arabic.

Amplify also created a touch application for The Wonderful Company to use at events to encourage people to follow the brand on social media.

The Result

Over 1.5 million people have seen Wonderful Arabia’s social media posts. We discovered that video content is really successful with The Wonderful Company’s Arabian audience, with over 400,000 people watching the brands social media videos. Our main goal when working with brands social media platforms is not only to boost brand awareness but also ensure the content we create and promote is engaging. Over 50,000 people have liked/shared/commented on Wonderful Arabia’s social media posts – which is a big thumbs up from us!

Happy Client

1.5+ million people have seen social media posts

Long-Term Partnership

400,000+ people watch brands social media videos



Amplify have been assisting brands across the Middle East for years and have worked with the biggest global brands. Their experience in the market and knowledge of running social media accounts made them the perfect fit for Wonderful Arabia. The social content they produce is totally innovate and engaging.

Marketing Director – Middle East

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