The Problem

Many corporations, regardless of their size, do not have an internal communication strategy for their staff and employees. Google identified an opportunity to partner with Appspace and provide a digital solution to improve their internal communications. Amplify were challenged by Google and Appspace to design an internal communication application for Google Chrome’s retail demonstration brand.

Our Solution

Amplify designed an internal communication strategy which followed the ‘Me to We’ Continuum, which states that brands must first satisfy the employees wants and needs, culminating in a more communal orientation. The strategy was delivered via an application, with an interactive content management system, for Google Chrome’s retail demonstration brand, YLM (You Look Marvellous). Amplify built the UI and UX on Appspace 7, allowing employees working in retail stores, to be able to click through interactive channels, and read up on the latest company news, products and announcements. Working closely with Appspace, Google Chrome and SAP, Amplify built HTML cards that were automatically responsive to mobile devices, as well as, portrait, landscape, interactive and passive screens.

Content is stored inside the thumbnails on the interactive menu, which was built to provide the ability to be branded to the user’s requirements and brand guidelines. Behind each of the interactive thumbnails, the employee can find relevant corporate information.

The HTML card includes SAP automation, pulling in data feeds from the YLM product database. This provides live information ranging from product pricing, descriptions, availability, and promotions.

The Result

The communication application allowed retail store employees to be up to date with the latest pricing, availability, and promotions. It also allowed corporate employees to be up to date on company announcements, news and information, leading to a more engaged and motivated workforce. The application was promoted on the Google Chrome stand at the NRF event in New York. The event was a great success, allowing Google Chrome to showcase the value of cloud-based internal communications on Chrome touch devices. Google Chrome was able to drive sales of their devices while educating their enterprise clients.

Happy Client

Engaged & Motivated Workforce

Long-Term Partnership

Global Sales Demonstration Assets



I was blown away with the amount of thought and research that went into the strategy devised for the internal and customer-facing communications strategies. The content quality produced was really creative while remaining in line with the brand guidelines provided by our client Google.

Thomas – Vice President

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