Digital Engangement


Banana Boat asked us to carry out a Brilliant Beach activation and of course we gladly delivered:

– Key Visual
– Event planning & production
– All branding
– Photography / Videography
– Promoters
– Data capture Application

The Project

When Banana Boat approached us to create an outdoor activation or in their words “Brilliant beach activation” to promote their suncream and also educate consumers on the effects of sun damage we jumped at the chance! Living in Dubai and seeing the sunshine every day we forget the importance of using sun cream.

We planned the event at two of the best public beaches in Dubai over two weekends, designed all of the marketing materials including information cards, booklets, the structure, permissions and all production.

Banana Boat Hawaiin Tropic
Banana Boat Beach Activation
Banana Boat Activity Dubai Beach

“If I am working on a project which needs innovation, I will turn towards Amplify. They are remarkably creative at their approach and execution. From day one till the end, I believe the team has been committed to our brands as if one of their own. I’ve never felt the usual client-agency relationship with them. It’s not the us and you style, it’s the ‘we’ attitude I like. They delivered brilliant beach activation. We’re always playing for the same team!”

Zain Sheikh, Banana Boat

Ipad Banana Boat App
Banana Boat Activation Images
Banana Boat Event Dates

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