What is Sensory marketing?

Sensory marketing is a different approach to appeal the consumers by using human senses;

  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch.

Ever wondered why your favourite fast food chain has the same smell of their special burgers?

That smell isn’t coming form the sent of the Big Mac or Whopper cooking! It is to make you hungry and trigger your brain to order the most profitable product!

It’s not just relevant to food marketing either. Have you ever got into a new car and thought that smells good? Thats not the smell of the new leather, its actually straight out of a can and has been designed to stimulate your senses.

If you can trigger a consumers brain through sensory marketing to relate to the brand and eventually into purchase, it can be a powerful tool!

Nearly 100% of the brand communication is targeted on sight and sound however smell being one of the most important memory triggers is often forgotten that is way more effective than sight.

Thats not to suggest that sight and visibility should be neglected. It too can also benefit from sensory marketing. When designing a brand or logo it obviously needs to stand out, but you can also design logos with somatic markers that trigger memory recall. Thus making your brand far more recognisable than your competition.

Amplify Dubai can create multi-sensory experience for brands to generate beliefs, feelings, thoughts and opinions in consumer’s mind about the brand.

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