Holographic Display

With retail being a major attraction in both Dubai and UK, holographic displays including transparent LCD have become really popular. Amplify has the technology to allow you to bring your product to life! Using special projection equipment and state of the art design and animation we can build content that allows for the illusion of a holographic images or videos.

We can create a holographic display using the following technologies; – Holographic foil – Transparent LCD – Fog or mist screens. (Sometimes referred to as Peppers ghost.) A hologram can be used to welcome guests to the showroom or to explain technology or specifications for the cars.

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Our Work

For over a decade we have worked with many global and local FMCG brands in the Middle East, here’s some of our work.

Brand Inspired Narratives

Highlight your brand’s mission and message

Virtual Tours & Explorations

Take customers to places they could never go in real life


Hold customers attention and build brand awareness while being fun and entertaining


Present statistical data in a memorable and fun way in B2B environments


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