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At the heart of every successful marketing campaign is a good creative idea.
Regardless of whether your marketing platform is online or offline, the big creative idea will be the glue that links everything together and captures the audience’s attention, making your product or services more appealing.

There are many ways of making your marketing campaign standout but one of the most important elements is making an emotional connection with the brand or product and the consumer. Will it make people smile? What is the tone of voice? Another key factor to think about when briefing your agency that is often forgotten, is what makes your product or service stand out? What is your value proposition?
When compiling a creative brief, why would someone buy your product? What benefit does it provide? Does your product fix a problem and is it unique?

A major problem a lot of brand managers have when trying to come up with a creative marketing campaigns is the inability to be able to step back and come up with creative concepts. Being innovative, fresh and approaching it from a consumers perspective are imperative to marketing campaigns success.

Creative ideas and innovation is at the core of everything Amplify does, we help conceptualize your Creative Campaigns. We look at your target audience, competitors, key opportunities in the marketplace and then define a clear strategy that is appealing to the consumer. We have worked with brands in the Middle East for over 10 years and have the experience and passion to create stand out campaigns. There is no need to use multiple agencies, Amplify can create a full 360 marketing campaign across all channels including online and offline, along with full management, data and analytics. Contact us for more information!

Our Work

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Key Visual

Create and communicate consistent branding for your company


From billboards to digital signage


Depict the company in a positive and professional manner, as well as, attracting and maintaining clients


Encourage prospects and customers to put chase products by designing and producing beautiful packaging


Digital presence is vital and must align with a brands guidelines, messaging and intent

Social Media

Encourage two way communications with a brand to improve your brand image

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