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Amplify are experts in developing a brand strategy that defines what your business stands for, the promises that you make and the personality that you portray. We tailor your brand strategy to your needs and target audience, using market-leading tools and years of knowledge. We will give your brand a clear sense of purpose. 

Your brand is more than just the creative elements such as logos, names or slogans — it is the entire experience that your customers have with your business, product or service. Amplify will help you unlock the power, potential, and value of your brand by managing, repositioning, rejuvenating, creating or extending it via a brand strategy.

We listen to your brief and use our expertise to create a solution that comes in on time and on budget. Get in touch so Amplify can help create a beautifully effective brand strategy for you.


Design the visual cornerstone of a company’s brand that connects a brand to peoples memories


Manage perceptions of a company by establishing how it will communicate internal and externally


Depict the company in a positive and professional manner, as well as, attracting and maintaining clients


Encourage prospects and customers to put chase products by designing and producing beautiful packaging


Digital presence is vital and must align with a brands guidelines, messaging and intent

Social Media

Encourage two way communications with a brand to improv your brand image

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