Augmented Reality


This technology allows you to bridge the offline and traditional world with the world of virtual reality. This technology essentially superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. It allows the consumer to interact with the with the virtual world the window can be anything from a smart device like an iPhone, iPad to an Oculus rift.

The technology has exploded onto the scene of Marketing, Advertising and Gaming with the advent of smart mobile devices with integrated cameras and the new Google and Microsoft Glasses.

So what can we do with AR? Imagine holding your phone over the sports page of the daily newspaper and seeing the goals from the football match, or looking down the street with Google glasses on and seeing which houses are available for rent or purchase. The opportunities are limitless. Other opportunities include gamification where you can hold a smart device over a logo/brand or business card and trigger a game or a video animation.

Amplify have created our business cards to demonstrate our Augmented Reality services, make sure to ask one of our staff to demonstrate the technology!

Our Work

For over a decade we have worked with many global and local FMCG brands in the Middle East, here’s some of our work.


Enhanced GPS systems use AR to make it easier to get from point A to point B


Augment a live view of displays with facts and figures as an overlay on their live screen


Computing power and technology, means gaming applications can be used to engage audience with gamification

Advertising & Promotion

Show the world around you by displaying real time digital information in conjunction with the real world by showing popular places, structures and attractions


Realistic augmented reality immersion can provide the user with information that integrates with the real world surroundings


Showcase a company’s products and services without having to physically take them, reducing costs, time and resources


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